How to reuse segmentation label setting?

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My segmentation contains about 50 labels, I want to reuse it for new segmentation of other case, but I can not figure out how to do it.

This is similar to this question .

I’ve tried to create a blank segmentation template scene, but I can not add any segmentation label without specify volume.

I’ve also tried load an existing segmengation, clone the segmentation data, and specify it to a new volume, but it looks like the cloned data is still bound to the old source volume, the intensity range is totally wrong.

Proper way of doing this is using a custom terminology with your segment names and colors predetermined. You can then, double click their colors and choose the appropriate name from the terminology list.

If your terms are not covered by existing terminologies bundled with Slicer, you can use this simple python script to generate a JSON file that’s is readable by the Terminology module and you can add it as your custom terminology, by hitting the little + sign on the top right.