How to separate the left mouse click event from the left mouse drag time when operating a Markup node

Operating system: unbuntu 18.04
Slicer version: Slicer-4.13.0-2022-01-16-linux-amd64
Expected behavior:add the control point when I press the left button,and Rotate the 3D model while holding and dragging the left mouse button
Actual behavior:I set Leftbuttonpressevent to no event and SetEventTranslationClickAndDrag to add rotating 3d view event.but There is no effective on left button press event.

markupsWidget.SetEventTranslationClickAndDrag(markupsWidget.WidgetStateIdle, vtk.vtkCommand.LeftButtonPressEvent, vtk.vtkEvent.NoModifier, markupsWidget.WidgetStateRotate, markupsWidget.WidgetEventRotateStart, markupsWidget.WidgetEventRotateEnd)