How to set makupline diameter to absolute?

Hi everyone!
I need to change Line Thickness Display Property to an absolute value by script.
Something like this:

Thanks on advance!

It appears you are looking for the following method available in the vtkMRMLMarkupsDisplayNode as this would be for the markups line node display settings.

Not exactly. SetUseGlyphScale() works like upside “Glyph Size” toggle button. I need downside “Line Thickness” toggle button. I´ve been looking fot it in vtkMRMLMarkupsDisplayNode documentation but I cannot find a proper method for it…

Thanks @jamesobutler .

Which specific Markups node type are you using?

Maybe I get solution: I´m using these two methods SetCurveLineSizeMode(1) and SetLineDiameter(1.0) and it works…

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