Markups ROI, adjust line thickness not worked?

Hello every:
When I created a Markups ROI default, then I want to change the line thickness of ROI.
And according to the toolbar, I find the “Line thickness” option to achieve the goal.
Line thickness supply two method: absolute or ratio.
But when I tried two mode, none of modes worked.
Even though I change the thickness to 99.9900mm (Maximum values) in absoulte mode; or change the ratio to 100%, not any changed appear.

Why the line thickness adjustment not worked, and How I can achieve my goal.
Any advice will be appreciate!

And thanks to @lassoan in advance, expect your advice.

Line thickness of plane and ROI markups is not editable. Please submit a feature request at Issues · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub and we’ll implement this, probably within the next few months. If it is more urgent then you may consider adding this feature yourself (porting it over from the line markup). We can help you getting started.

Line Thickness of ROI Markups was something I mentioned at

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Thank you for your reply.
The markupsROI I created is to display the range of lung nodule. And the doctor said the thickness of ROI lines is too thick to cover the edge of nodule.
So I want to adjust the ROI line more thiner, and this requirement is very urgent.
Could you show me how to edit the source code to achieve this target.
Expect to your reply.

Immediate solution/workaround: Line thickness is currently set in pixel units, so the line will be thinner if you set your screen to higher resolution or you can make the line relatively thinner by making the view larger. You can also change outline opacity to make sure the line does not occlude any important details.

The first step is to build Slicer, as explained in the build instructions. If you are done (or run into issues) then let us know and we can proceed to discuss how to add line thickness adjustment from the Line markup widget to the ROI markup widget.


Is it possible to increase the size of glyph. The handles that are used to drag the ROI box?
Please advise


Yes, you can change size of interaction handles in Markups module: Display / Interaction handles / Size.