How to setup Slicer4 as a developer

Hi 3D slicer,
I want to setup the slicer4 as a developer but could not find any guide. Can you guide me about this?

There are build instructions here:

If you get stuck, the community here is very helpful.

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If you program in C++ then you need to build Slicer as @rprueckl describes above.

If program in Python then you don’t need to build Slicer but start development right away. See for example this tutorial:

Hi Andras Lasso,
Thank you for the answer and it helped me understand more. But I still quite don`t understand how to build it. Is it possible for you to make a video tutorial on youtube using python. Thank you.

You don’t need to build Slicer to develop modules for it - as long as you implement your modules in Python.

In case you want to work in C++ then you need to follow the written build instructions and ask specific questions if you get stuck anywhere. Video tutorials would not be ideal for describing a software build procedure and it would be very hard to maintain.

okay… Thanks for the help.

I could not find the markups data. Do you know where the data is located?

What do you mean by markups data?

In the scripting and module development tutorial, slide 27 manipulating markups.
The command : f = getNode(‘F’)
Im not sure what is the 'F' in the command because its not stated in the tutorial and couldn`t find the data to load.

F is the name of the node (the default name). It’s the one that shows up in the user interface.

Hi pieper thanks for trying to help me but I think u got the wrong idea of my question.
What I`m trying to say is I do not know where is the F data stored because in order for me to run this command: f = getNode(‘F’). I need to able to load the F data before typing the command.

Sorry I m not good at explaining. Hope you can understand what I m trying to say. Thank you.

You do not need to “load” the F node. You just need to follow instructions on the slide “Create 2 markup points”. These markup points will be stored in a new node and the node’s name will be F by default.

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@lassoan Hi, I would like to ask something about the segmentation module.
What type of segmentation method is used to segment the image. Is it 3d closed surface segmentation?

There are many segmentation tools (“segment editor effects”). Which ones you are interested in?

Or, are you interested in how the segmentation data is represented in Slicer? You can find the answer here.

In the segmentation tutorial of " Video tutorial: Whole heart segmentation from cardiac CT", what is the segmentation algorithm used to segment the heart.

Sorry for the trouble, the community here is indeed very fast response and helpful. Thank you.

“Grow from seeds” is based on the “Fast grow-cut method” - see more information here:

Thanks, you really helped me alot. Have a nice day!!!

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