How to show only selected control point, and hide non selected in mark ups

Is it possible to show only a selected control point on coronal, sagittal and axial slices, and hide the none selected control points?

I have a range of implanted stereo EEG electrode contacts in my mark up file and am using the ‘jump slice’ function in Markups/Control Points to view selected electrode/contacts in the three axis. However when I ‘jump slice’ to view any given electrode/contact, the axial/coronal/sagittal slices are still crowded with the many other electrodes/contacts in the brain, which are proximal to the electrode of interest.

I want to be able to ‘jump slice’ to view a given electrode/contact point of interest in a way that hides all the other contact points, so that the electrode/contact of interest is more easily and clearly seen.

Does Slicer mark up have this functionality?

Thanks in advance.

If I remember correctly, when you click on a markup to jump slices, only the views in the same “view group” jump. You can modify the view group of the red, green, yellow slices from the default 0 to different ones (0, 1, 2) in View Controllers module.