How to solve Pytorch version error in TotalSegmentator using CPU?

I installed Slicer 5.6.2 on my MACBOOK 13-inch, 2019.
I installed TOTAL SEGMENTATION and MONAIauto3DSeg to try to do reconstructions, but when starting with totalsegmentation the following message appears “Application is required to complete installation of required Python packages.
Press OK to restart.” and when I try to use MONAIAuto3DSeg the following message appears "Failed to install required dependencies.
PyTorch version 1.8.1 is not compatible with this module. Minimum required version is 1.12. You can use ‘PyTorch Util’ module to install PyTorch with version requirement set to: >=1.12

I tried installing a more current PyTorch, but even after restarting and reinstalling all applications, it always loads version 1.8.1 and the error remains. Can anyone help?

What is your TotalSegmentator extension version (it is displayed in the Extensions Manager).

Have you tried to follow the instruction you got and use PyTorch Utils module with version requirement set to >=1.12 ?

Version 9f434a5 (2024-04-25)

Unfortunately I don’t know how to evaluate the requirements with version requirement set to >=1.12 ?

Please go to “Pytorch utils” module, type >=1.12 into the textbox, and click Install.

This seems to be a recurring problem at least on macOS