How to solve the compilation problem of 3dslicer under the Linux system and arm64 architecture. Need help urgently!!!

I want to install 3dslicer-5.0.2. I have installed qt5-5.13.0 and other dependencies, so I began to build 3dslicer from the source code. But when I compiled, there was an error. I found that linux-amd64 was configured after I executed the cmake command, but my computer was linux-arrch64, which led to an error when I compiled later. I don’t know whether 3dslicer can be compiled under arm64 architecture. If so, how can I modify the file so that cmake can correctly configure my computer? I hope you can help me. Thank you very much

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We have not attempted to build Slicer on arm64, so most likely you will run into issues. The most difficult part is 3D graphics, as there is a good chance that no suitable OpenGL drivers are available for your system.

What platform are you trying to build Slicer for?

What linux distro are you trying to use? @RafaelPalomar is working on something related - see NA-MIC Project Weeks | Website for NA-MIC Project Weeks

It’s been several years but maybe @adamrankin or @chir.set have experimented more with Slicer for arm64.

This is my machine information

When building slicer, the system will depend on it, but these packages are AMD64, so my computer can’t run these binaries directly. Later, I found that there was a problem in the configuration, that is, the above problem. At present, I don’t know how to proceed to the next step. Do you have any good suggestions

There is no problem with pre dependencies and OpenGL. When I execute make -j 128 compilation, the system will automatically download, configure and compile some dependencies, but these dependencies are based on AMD64 architecture. Can I manually carry out this process to adapt my machine

All dependencies are specified in CMake files in the SuperBuild folder. You can choose to build any of them before building Slicer and then set Slicer_USE_SYSTEM_...=ON CMake variable when you configure Slicer. To get started, you can disable Python support in Slicer to reduce the number of dependencies that you need to deal with.

@wangyuyuyujun, i386 and amd64 seem to be hard-coded values in here. For the sake of moving forward with you project I suggest that you change amd64 by your architecture as a workaround. Making this the right way is something we would need to do for the Systole OS project, but the priority on that project is to have a complete working version of Slicer for i386/amd64 first.

I hope this helps.