How to stop a process without "Force Quit"

While using effects (any effects available) I very frequently encounter this problem:

a window pops up stating that the system is running out of memory and recommends to Force Quit Slicer

This happens a lot, either with small or large models.

I was wondering whether there is a way to stop the process of the effect without being forced to quit Slicer.

I am using MacOS, with a 16GB RAM and cache memory up to 200GB.

Please see attached screenshot.

Thank you

What kind of images are you working with? If they are large, you might want to crop them first (search discourse for CropVolume).

Also does this happen more if you have used Slicer for a while? If so maybe there’s a memory leak we need to investigate. If you can provide specific details to replicate the issue (what data, what effects, etc) it would really help.

Otherwise maybe the easiest is just to get an extra big disk.

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