How to to create out of a MRI a 3D model of spinal nerves ?

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I have an MRI-spine scan of a patient and out of that, I am trying to create a 3d model of the spinal nerves.I tried the segment editor-> new segment-> nerve->Threshold but it is not that precise. I am 2 days old in this ,I hope someone can help me.

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Dimitrios Rallios(
Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Without seeing the actual images, my guess would be that this is a very challenging segmentation task. If you can clearly see the nerves when you scroll through the data then there’s a good chance you can use manual tools, such as the paint brush, and perhaps the Grow from seeds or Fill between slices tools to make the work more efficient but I guess it’s not easy. Perhaps if you can post a screenshot you might get additional suggestions.