How to use "split volume" (SegmentEditorExtraEffects Effect)

I am a biomedical engineering student and I’m doing a project using 3D Slicer. I downloaded the extension SegmentEditorExtraEffects and I need to use the tool “split volume” to isolate the jaw from the rest of the skull, but I can’t make it work. Can anyone make a step by step tutorial on how to use this tool to split one segmentation into two different segments?

Split volume helps you create subvolumes of the original image by saving the image contents of each segment to a different volume. It doesn’t split a segmentation into two segments.

You can already do that by using the existing tools within Slicer and a little bit careful masking.

Thank you for clarifying what Split Volume actually does. I still need to learn how to use it. Could you explain how to create the mandible subvolume starting from the skull volume using Split Volume? I could really use a step-by-step guide but I can’t find it anywhere

You can split segments using Scissors effect as shown in this segmentation recipe.

Thank you, I’ve read that recipe already and I managed to split the segments using different tools. Now my professor wants me to learn how to use Split Volume instead, so if anyone could write a step-by-step tutorial I would be very grateful.

One your have created the two segments by following the recipe, you can use Split Volume effect to create two volumes from it.