How to use Transforms with python or same function in itk


I am working on a image registration task, and currently, I try to split a deformation vector field into two dvfs so I could move the image two times.

dvf = dvf1+dvf2, dvf1 is a dvf which move all voxels in an image to same direction and same distance, which works like a “rigid registration”, to move the organ in the moving image to the same location as the fixed image. I used ITK resamplefilter to apply the dvfs, but it seems resamplefilter has some computational loss so the edge of the deformed image looks different as my expectation, I tried with 3dslicer GUI, and the result looks exactly what I want.

I am wondering if there is any documentation about Transforms module that I could read to learn more about Tranforms, and it would be great if there are any sample code to use Transforms model in python. After some reading, it seems like I cannot simply install Slicer as a package and import it in python, may I ask if this is still the case?

Thank you,