How volume rendering erase or hide some small objects?

When I load a CT-Chest volume with a lung nodule inside, I want to crop a region contain the lung nodule, and rendering volume to display the nodule and the vessel arround the nodule.

The problem is, when I adjust shift slider, Scalar Opacity Mapping, or some other parameters, volume rendering result is not ideal. When I set the lower threshold too much, some more small, discontinuous objects will appear, when I set the lower threshold too high, some small, may important vessel will disappear.

When I asked the Radiology doctors, they say there exist a button or module in their PACS postprocess workstation, can erase some small tiny objects in the volume rendering result.

So I want to know, is there exist a module similar to above description to realize the effect to clear those some tiny objects.

As follow is a volume rendering picture, there exist some small tiny, discontinuous vessel parts, and I want to erase them to make the result more clearly.

The feature is called “Mask volume”, it is available in Segment Editor. See step-by-step instructions in the module documentation and in this video: