I can't achieve five lobe segmentation with interactive lobe segmentation in CIP, can someone help me?

I completely follow the the interactive lobe segmentation in slicer but most of the time I can’t achieve the lobe segmentation

can some one give tips?

Did you find any solution??? Facing the same problem

Same issue I find in most scans can you help please

Is there a way to circumvent this issue? This only happens in some CT acquired images.

Try loading the Slicer CTChest demo dataset from “Sample Data”.
Place many fiducials (> 15 each) on each of the fissures using the sagittal slice view. Use different levels right to left. Press “Apply”.

The output of the procedure is a labelmap, that - before it can be editited in the “Segment Editor” - must be transformed into a segmentation by hand (go “Data” module, right click the labelmap, “Convert to segmentation”.


Please note, that the interactive lobe segmentation (as several other modules in CIP) has been implemented in Slicer for years without active maintenance by its developers.

Please give more details.
In some it works, in others, it doesn’t?
Which Slicer version are you using?

I am using Slicer 4.11.2021.

A few of the CTs are not segmenting into the proper lobes despite having multiple fiducial markers. Could it be a CT acquisition issue or a setting in 3D slicer?


I put >20 points but still identifies the lungs as one whole lobe.

Could well be an acquisition error - maybe you want to check the “Volumes” module and compare the Volume Information with the ones in which the segmentation is working?

For the CTChest dataset I get:

I looked over the volumes and they have similar dimensions. Not quite sure what else could be messing up the lobular segmentation.

If there is one of those you could share for a test let me know.