I have some rendering problem , i think i can't solve this by myself

the volumerendering of CT data in slicer is awesome ,the preset of CT-AAA looks below in both CPU Raycast and GPU Raycast

but when I copy the preset parameters to MITK , the CPU Ray cast like Slicer Effect,it’s good.and slow,
but the GPU Version looks like below

Slicer and MITK both use vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapper as Render , But i don’t know that’s wrong in MITK .

To me this sounds like an issue for MITK, not Slicer.

that’s right Pinter
sorry for me to find help from slicer community.
the mitk community is not active
i think maybe someone here can find the difference between the vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapper

The rendering pipeline is more than just the question of which mapper is used, since there are many settings that influence the result. You could print the mapper and renderer / render window settings in both programs to see what’s set differently.

thank you pieper
it’s a good idea.

I’m just curious, why would you consider using MITK instead of Slicer?

i don’t think MITK can instead of Slicer.
I always think Slicer is the development trend in the future
my company has an old project using MITK , and the project has been in use in some hospital .my leader do not understand programming,and wants me to Optimize this program
finaly i find the reason why MITK rendering so strange,MITK use vtkLightKit instead of UseJittering , i change the rendering parameter from Slicer to MITK,it works

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