I need help subtracting 2 DICOMs and getting a volume (mm3) as result

Hi, I need help. I’m new here.

I have 2 DICOM from the same patient. One before the intervention and one after. I can see there’s a difference, but I would like to get the volumetric difference between the two files.
I would appreciate a step by step, since I’m pretty new.


Is it for assessing fat resorption for breast reconstruction?
What imaging modality did you use?

Thanks for answering.

I want to calculate the hard tissue/bone gain or loss of the procedure, comparing two DICOMs of the same patient taken at different times. I can visually see the difference of both surfaces, but I would like to calculate the volume of such difference

You can measure volume difference of bone and tissue by the following steps:

  • Register the images.
  • Segment the same region in both images using Segment Editor. Enable overlap in Masking settings.
  • Use Erase effect or Logical operators effect to remove regions that are farther away from the region of interest. Use the same region for all segments.
  • Use Segment Statistics module to get volume of each segment

Thank you for answering.

I’m just unable to grasp how to use this.

You can start with learning how to segment the bone using Segment Editor. This page is a good starting point. There are also lots of tutorials on youtube.