I want to connect the slicer to the robotic arm via NDI Polaris Vicra

But the robotic arm only supports the TCP communication protocol. Ndi’s communication interface is API. Is there any good solution? Thanks a lot!

Hi, check out the PLUS Toolkit. PLUS is a software that reads tracking information from NDI Polaris (and lots of other devices), and sends that information to 3D Slicer through OpenIGTLink. You may find these tutorials useful: http://www.slicerigt.org/wp/user-tutorial/
We also had a tutorial recently, specifically with a robot arm: https://github.com/rosmed/rosmed.github.io
You will need to learn how to use multiple software tools together, but what you want to do is possible.

Hi! I had already finish all of the slides, but I didn’t know how to control a real robot. If I want control it, what should I do during the tutorial? Thanks a lot !