Identifying which slice in DTI stack corresponds to b(not) value

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a specific way in slicer to identify which image in a dti stack corresponds to the non weighted T2 image that corresponds to the b= 0 value? For example, the dimensions of my image stack is (25 256 256 26), meaning it is a dti image with 25 slices in 26 directions. which one of these 25 slices corresponds with the non weighted image? Is there anyway to check this in slicer?


One way is to visualize in the Volumes module and see which components are bright (not diffusion weighted). There should be an example in the DTI tutorial here:

Otherwise you can do this programatically or by looking at the image header in a text editor.

Than you for the response! Which tutorial is it, I cant seem to find a relevant one? how does this correspond to the slice in the 25 256 256 26 array?