IGT fiducial registration : How to have a fix coordinate system

Hello I am trying to use IGT fiducial registration to register a tool that position is tracked by an EMT sensor to a CT model.
I’m using two EM sensors: one is called the “stylus,” and the other is named the “reference.”
I followed the tutorial to register the stylus tip by aligning it with specific markers I selected on the CT scan.
After completing the registration process, I incorporated the “Reference To CT” transformation into the hierarchy.

However, there’s an issue. Even though I attempt to transfer the information from the stylus sensor to the reference sensor, which is securely positioned on the phantom object, the transformation called “Reference To CT” becomes inaccurate when I manipulate the field generator. As a result, I lose the ability to visualize the stylus on the phantom object.

Would you please let me know whats the problem?

ReferenceToTracker is constantly being updated by Plus, overwriting the inverse.
You can add TrackerToReference (or StylusToReference) in the Plus config file, and use one of those to transform the stylus.

Thank you for your reply. I implemented the transformation, and now everything is working perfectly.

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