image overlay of a cbct image and a corresponding DICOM structure

Greetings, I am new to 3D Slicer and would like to know if my thought is correct.
I have created a cone-beam CT image by using Plastimatch fdk with a matrix size and a voxel size that are different from its corresponding DICOM CT image set. Surprizingly, 3D Slicer has shown a cooordinate-matched image overlaid result when I import the cbct.mha and add a DICOM strcture. So I guess this automatic adjustment is a functionality of the 3D Slicer. Is this correct?

Yes, Slicer uses the image geometries to display the data in a patient-centric coordinate system.

Dear Steve Pieper,
Thanks for your reply. I have read the linked image geometries page.
Now I understand that 3D Slicer image transformation makes it possible to overlay multiple image objects having diferent matrix sizes and different voxel spacings.
I like it a lot.