Image registration

Problem report for Slicer 4.10.0 win-amd64: expected: uniform and aligned slices.
actual behaviour: as MRI Table move through scan the slices registration error happened when the image processed in a computer. Can 3d slicer programme correct and align image slices?

You could use the CropVolume module to cut the two parts, then put one in a Transform to move it to the right place and then harden it. Then you probably need to use CropVolume again to make a big enough volume to hold both parts, and then use Add Volumes to make a new volume with the parts in the right places.

Thank you for your fast response but do you think this will not affect volume measurement? as I intentionally need to measure the volume of elbow muscle.

The data is corrupted by the motion artifact, so yes there will be some error. Lacking any other information you’ll need to make a manual correction and then estimate how much this increases the possible error of the measurement.