Implementing Python Code Into 3D Slicer

I am having a lot of trouble with this 3D Slicer software. I have created a module that links to my python file. The goal of my code is to get the user to select a markup fiducial node on the lumbar vertebra. Then using the flood fill through a vtk class, we basically encompass the singular lumbar the user specified. Every time I have tried the code from the repository, there is no location for a fiducial node. What else do I need to add to the code in the repository? Basically, do you have any GitHub resources or anything helping with the code? I’m very unfamiliar with Python unfortunately.

Probably you have figured this out already, but for future reference, Slicer programming tutorials are available here:

It is recommended to complete a few basic Python tutorials before and it helps a lot if you are somewhat familiar with VTK and Qt toolkits.