Importing a segmentation

My partner and I are working on the same DICOM file, I’d like to know if I can import my segmentation into the file that my partner its working on.
I already tried with the data icon and it loads my .obj file but I cannot fit it to the CT my partner is working on 3d slicer, It loads in an 180º angle than I wish it to be.

We would like to work quicker because right now we can only work on it 1 person at the time

Yes, you can. Instead of exporting to surface mesh file (which is a lossy operation), save the scene. In menu: choose File/Save, and click Save. If you only want to save the segmentation, then check the checkbox only in the row of the segmentation .seg.nrrd file (uncheck all the other rows).

The 180deg rotation is because exporting to model is done in LPS coordinate system by default and when you import a mode then Slicer assumes RAS. You could rotate the imported model or export as RAS to avoid this, but as I wrote above, you should use scene save instead.

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