Importing models for segmentation to fix

I have these scalp models that have big gaps on top and a knot (before).I imported as segmentations into the segment editor, and used the scissors to trim the knot. Segment editor automatically stitched the gap at the top. which is good, except that the counter didn’t match very well (after). Any suggestions on how to improve this?


You can apply vtkFillHolesFilter on the polydata in your model node before you import it into segmentation. It would be nice if you could add it as a step to SurfaceToolbox module.

@muratmaga Do you plan to work on adding this filter to SurfaceToolbox module? It should be trivial, you can just clone and existing processing step and modify it to use vtkFillHolesFilter.

Sorry Andras, I do not. I took a look and I decided I will be beyond my depth.

I’ve added “Hole filling” step to Surface Toolbox. It should be available in the nightly build from tomorrow or the day after.


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