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hi friends
i segmented ct images, and output labeled as 50(Esophagus) 100(Heart) 150(Lung_L) 200(Lung_R) 250 (Spinal Cord)…
now i will display any organ with one color ( for example heart show red and Lung_L show blue , etc)
for this purpose, i use volume properties as attached image
output display is not clear …
how can i display output that any organ display exactly one color with High transparency


Hi -

You probably want to approach this differently. You can import your label volume as a Slicer Segmentation and then enable the 3D display.

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To do that easily, right-click the labelmap node in the Data module, and select “Convert labelmap to segmentation node”. Then right-click on the new segmentation node, choose Edit properties (it will take you to the Segmentations module, same as @pieper pointed to), and click Create in the Closed surface row in the Representations section. Then the 3D display will show up.

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i have a series dicom image
i segmented 5 organ with hand ( lung_L, lung_R ,heart,spinal cord , esophagus ) in vs2015
and save output such as 3D.mha
and open this volume with 3D Slicer 4.8.1
and i try display output that one organ show with one color
i chose volume rendering and show 3D output and i do volume properties
on the 3d output, i see a dark line
but i will, can see a smooth surface ,
for example lung_L being red, Without any black line
@pieper thanks for your answer, but a don’t understand your answer
@cpinter i don’t find this option that you said, can u show me steps with picture ??
( my English is not well, i hope u understand my mean)

@cpinter , @pieper thanks for your guidance
i can solve this problem in slicer
how to can i implement this operation in vtk or itk ??
i segmented with my approach ( deep learning, region growing and etc)
i write result output with itk in result folder
final result save as 3D.mha file , any organ have one value (mention above)
how can i display this output witk vtk in my C++ ( VS2015 ) code, such as closed surface ??
below link is 3D.mha

You can use the convenience functions in the API. For example:

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@cpinter thank u for tour answer …:slightly_smiling_face:

my input is 3D.mha
my output is image1
and i will to display as image2
how to i do it ?
what is equal VTK function for this process ??

image1 image2

Slicer is open-source, you are free to inspect its code to see how it is implemented and even take any code and reuse it in another project.

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hank you very much
my previous problem solved by one example of VTK’s documentation
( VTK User Manual )