Inaccurate volume measurement

Hi all,

I am new to 3Dslicer.
I loaded prostate MRI images with 3mm slice thickness.
Then i tried to check the accuracy of the volume measurement option before I did any other calculations.
When i create spherical structures (40mm and 10mm) with segment editor --> paint --> sphere brush, the calculated volumes (segment statistics) are 33272.5mm3 and 530.55mm3. Using 4/3pir^3, the volumes should be 268082mm3 and 4188mm3.
I can live with a small discrepancy, but this is 8 times too small.

What’s the cause of this difference?

Check the diameter or the radius? the difference is 2^3 = 8 times

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2^3 = 8 ran through my head, but I couldn’t figure it out…