Segmentation and Quantification : validated publications for 3D Slicer

Hi everyone,
I’m developing a extension of 3DSlicer 4.10 for surgical planification in urolithiasis (Urology).
My concern is about the valaidity of 3DSlicer’s ability to quantifiy segments.

Is there any publication yet on the quantification of segments (volumetry) ?

Thx for answers !

Frederic Panthier

3D Slicer’s volume measurements are expected to be highly accurate. See for example this paper. Difference between volume computed by 3D Slicer found to have 0.04% difference compared to ground truth (measured using a plexiglass phantom).

Note that while Slicer is widely used in clinical studies (proven by thousands of papers), you still need to ensure that it is suitable for your project, by following guidelines of your institution.

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We will proceed then

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