Inappropriate volume mm3 value during quantifying the segments

Steps which I have followed to process in 3D slicer:

  1. When I loaded the nii file in 3d slicer, the brain image was displayed upside down.

  2. Rotated the image using linear transform.

  3. Segmented the region of interest (Hemispheric volume) using segment editor.

  4. Quantified the segmented hemispheric volume using segment statistics.

  5. But the volume mm3 (6.71646e+09) is not the right one.

Help me to sort this problem.
Thank you

If the data loads upside down with the wrong spacing it probably comes from some source that does not keep track of the image geometry. Look in the Volumes module and set the spacing to whatever the correct values are. Also be careful with left/right measurements with this data as it may not be clear (or recorded) whether there has been a rotation vs. a flip.