Include a data probe in the slicer layoutmanager

How can I include a data probe in the slicer layout manager?

I want to insert a data probe in this layout.

You can insert any Qt widget into the layout using qSlicerSingletonViewFactory. See how displays self.viewWidget as an example.

I just want to put the native slicer data probe into the layout. I dont want to create any new instances. If I use this approach how can I get dataprobe widget instance of the slicer?

You can only put a Qt widget at one place at a time, therefore you need to create a new instance of the data probe. You probably need to customize that widget anyway to look good in the view layout.

How can I create a new data probe instance and connect them to slice nodes?
Isn’t it a hard task? Even if so could you show me how to do that?

You can instantiate a new data probe like this:

import DataProbe
w = DataProbe.DataProbeInfoWidget()