Incorporate Gmsh in 3d Slicer

Dear 3D Slicer community,

Is it possible to incorporate Gmsh in 3D Slicer?

Thank you in advance for your help,

While it might be possible, it is unlikely that you will find anyone helping you due to the incompatible licensing (looks like GMSH is using GPL). In general there is a reluctance of supporting libraries released under GPL. See the answer in this thread. Incorporate CGAL in 3D Slicer - #2 by lassoan

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Yes, we are avoiding investing time into supporting GPL code and instead try to make things work with restriction-free alternatives.

@Sam_Horvath has been considering adding fTetWild as an additional mesher for SegmentMesher extension. Could you try fTetWild to see if it fulfills your needs?

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Thank you @muratmaga and @lassoan for your replies.

@lassoan I wasn’t aware of fTetWild. We will try it to see how results will be in comparison with TetGen in SegmentMesher.