Installation of new Slicer version without loss of settings and modules


I am currently running Slicer 5.1.0 for Windows and want to update to the latest 3D Slicer version. However, I want to keep the way I have organised Slicer currently and the extensions/ modules I have downloaded. Is this possible? When I download the latest version it seems to want to install 3D Slicer from scratch.


If you have extensions bookmarked you can easily update to a new version (e.g Slicer 5.2.2) that can reinstall your bookmarked extensions. See the following linked post below. Also multiple versions of Slicer can be installed so you don’t need to worry about losing your old one either.

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Thank you both! Somehow Slicer really saved the way I had organised my modules and the installation of the extensions with the bookmark feature was really easy. Using 5.2.2 now : )

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