Update Slicer while keeping extensions and custom modules

OS: Windows 10

I’m using Slicer 4.8 with a number of published extensions (SlicerElastix, slicerIGT, etc.), and custom python modules and MatlabBridge modules. Every time I update to a more recent Slicer version I have to re-install and reconfigure all of those extensions and modules manually, is there a more automatic way to copy over extensions and modules to a new Slicer install? Thanks

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Yes, in the Extension Manager’s “Restore Extensions” tab you can choose to reinstall all or selected previously installed extensions. I’m not sure if it can go back as far as Slicer-4.8, but it is definitely available in Slicer-4.10 and later.

Usually stable versions are only released 1-2x per year, so reinstalling extensions even manually does not seem a lot of work.

Maybe you didn’t know that you can drag-and-drop folders (even multiple at once) into the folder list in Application Settings window’s Modules’s section. That should take care of setting all your the custom module paths.

You can also compile all your custom modules to a few extensions and install them from file (toolbox icon in extension manager).

You can also set paths from Python or edit Slicer-NNN.ini files in a text editor.

You may also create an custom Slicer package that bundles all necessary extensions. You may either build the custom Slicer or use CustomSlicerGenerator to build one from an installed version.

There are even more options, but I think the ones listed above should cover most use cases.