Installing VMTK with VSCode

Hi, i am new at this, and trying to install VMTK and use it with Python 3.9 in Visual Studio Code. Is that possible? Or only from Anaconda is possible?

If you don’t want to build VMTK then you can install it from conda-forge:

conda install -c conda-forge vmtk

or you can download 3D Slicer, install VMTK extension, and use the virtual environment that 3D Slicer provides (PythonSlicer.exe).

Do you have any tutorial to install it via anaconda? Thanks!

I cannot help with that, as I don’t use Anaconda. You should be able to find instructions on the web. If you have trouble using VMTK in Python then I would recommend to use it within 3D Slicer, via a convenient graphical user interface.