Unable to Install VMTK Using Conda or Binary

Hello folks,

I am trying to install vmtk 1.5 in order to run some custom Pypes scripts. I was previously able to use conda to install an earlier version, however, after uninstalling the previous version, no matter what command I use I always get a PackagesNotFoundError. My channels are conda-forge and defaults, and I can see that vmtk 1.5 is on the anaconda site.

I’ve tried with commands “conda install -c conda-forge vmtk” and " conda install vmtk=1.5," which I’ve seen working in other threads, but no luck for me. I’ve also uninstalled anaconda and installed miniconda (which was a hassle), but still no luck. I’ve tried the binary packages for MacOS, but ‘vmtk &’ returns “zsh: command not found: vmtk”, even though it seems like by bash profile is altered in the correct way.

Can anyone help?