Internalerror in findedge() TetGen Problem

Hello everyone,
I’m having trouble using the command “vmtkmeshgenerator” to obtain internal tetrahedral mesh, in particular starting with this command:

vmtk vmtkmeshgenerator -ifile sup3.vtp -skipremeshing 1 -volumeelementfactor 1 -ofile mesh.vtu

I obtain the following output:

Duplicating background mesh.
Internalerror in findedge():  Unable to find an edge in subface.
ERROR: In ../vtkVmtk/Misc/vtkvmtkTetGenWrapper.cxx, line 431
vtkvmtkTetGenWrapper (0x7fa3b27ef170): TetGen quit with an exception.

What do you suggest me to do?
Thanks in advance.