Inverted growth ratio in Boundary Layer generation

Good morning,
I am trying to use VMTK to genera the boundary layer of some TPMS geometries, as it is the only software that seems to have a good BL creation algorithm.

However, I have noticed that along my geometry, there are some regions where the growth ratio is “decreasing” rather than increasing:

I was wondering if you would be able to help me in identifying the problem or suggest a workflow to bypass it.
At the moment, I use the following command:

vmtkmeshgenerator -ifile ./cfd_mesh/fluid1.stl -minedgelength 1e-4 -maxedgelength 5e-3 -skipcapping 1 -boundarylayer 1 -thicknessfactor 8e-1 -sublayers 9 -sublayerratio 0.917 -ofile f1_vmtk.vtk -skipremeshing 1

Thank you in advance!