Is 3D Slicer available for a tablet?

I want to edit the segments on a tablet because I think is easier to use a pen.
or it’s another tool to do it fast.

I’ve been meaning to add this to the documentation for some time…

I use a Wacom Intuos Pro (medium) pen tablet to do all my segmentation work. I program the pen buttons and tablet buttons with shortcut keys, and it speeds up my workflow tremendously.

I mainly use it with a MacBook Pro but I’ve also used it on Windows machines. I highly recommend a drawing tablet if you’re doing lots of manual segmentation work.

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Here’s a previous thread which details this type of topic. Surface Pro laptops are used or a Wacom tablet with an Apple laptop

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i want to know the name of the app or how can I install slicer in the tablet

iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) cannot run macOS applications. Apple is trying to converge their software and hardware platforms, so maybe it will be possible in a few years. If you want to use your iPad for segmentation now then maybe you can use it as a sidecar with your Mac, but for better user experience you need connect a pen tablet (Wacom) to your macOS device or use a Windows tablet.

On a related note, is it possible to run Slicer on ARM64? Mainly android tablets?

We explored Slicer on Android a bit - there would be a lot of libraries to port.

OK. Doesn’t sound like a good time investment it is a fairly marginal use case anyways.

today I made a test with a tablet Lenovo, it works fine I use the tablet as a second screen of my computer. I think easier that way.
You only need to download spacedesk on your computer and also on the tablet or mobile device.

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What operating system do you run Slicer on, and what operating system your tablet uses? Do you use the tablet with a stylus?

the way that it works for any tablet is because the app shows the image of the pc or laptop in a table using the IP, the resolution it’s no so good at all because ts transmitting the information in a local web but still works.
you can down load this on the app store for any windows or android I’m not sure if Apple has this application, I think is in the beta version.
and I use windows on my pc I haven’t tested on Linux.
The link is here:

I use a simple pen touch with no keys