Is it possible to add a global undo button?

Sometimes during the process, I accidentally moved the model and wanted to return it. I found it difficult. I had to move it back manually, but it was not very accurate.Of course, there are still many situations. If there is a global Undo tool or Go back to the previous step in editing menu, it will be very good .Like this picture.捕获

the function like 3matic in 3d slicer is the segmentEditor, you can undo or redo in this module.
And there are many more function in slicer just like the ITK/VTK, some processing can not be redo…

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We used to have a global undo/redo operation in Slicer but as many features were added it was hard to keep it working correctly, so it got hidden.

We plan to re-enable it for specific node types (markups, transforms), but there is no specific timeline.

Add a comments below describing what node types you would like to undo and why it is particularly important.

Slicer is great!
The most important feature for me as a beginner is an undo for color selecting in volume as well as volume rendring.
Some times it takes a lot of time to find the right adjusments and by clicking “Auto” in “volume” module or “suncronize with volume module” in “volume rendring” module just loose evrything…
So undo for colors is appreciated. Hope it is not too complicated…