Simple Undo button

Is there a simple undo button in case I make mistakes in registration or segmentation? Closing and reopening the study from the latest saved version is quite cumbersome. Thank you

There is a simple undo button for segmentation (actually, you have more: undo/redo buttons that allow going back and forward several steps).

Most other operations are not destructive, therefore undo is not applicable. For example, if registration result is not satisfactory then just adjust parameters and re-run the registration.

Thank you, but where are these undo buttons. I could not find any info on the in the documentation. I am new to slicer and quite desperate at the moment :frowning:

Undo/Redo buttons are in Segment Editor module (near button). See documentation and tutorials for more details.

Found it. Thx. Is there an Undo button for registration as well?

See my answer above.