Is it possible to create a standalone application with 3D slicer and run it without 3D Slicer launching?

Operating system: win 10
Slicer version: 4.8
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to create a standalone application with 3D slicer and run it without 3D Slicer launching? I mean the application can works in other computers without 3D Slicer.
Thanks a lot!

These standalone applications based on Slicer are called Slicelets. Here’s a wiki page about how to create them:
This page is a bit outdated so could use an update, but you can start with that.

The main new piece are the custom applications:

You can also run Slicer Python scripts in a web browser, without installing anything on the user’s computer, using Binder. See more information on SlicerJupyter extension documentation.


Slicerlets is an option. However, it just prevents showing the main application UI interface and still depends on 3D Slicer? Is that right? If so, a customized Slicerlets can not run on a computer without 3D Slicer. Is that right?

Alternatively, SlicerCustomAppTemplate seems to be more flexible, however, I can get too much information about how to use it! Does it can package the prerequisite modules of 3D slicer into the new application?

These two options are dependent on the internet. If the internet is not available, it will not work!

Many thanks for your important information!

Yes, it takes care of packaging your custom module along with all dependencies (VTK, Qt, Slicer libraries, etc …)

Great! Does it work now? or is under development?
There is another module called ‚ÄúCustomSlicerGenerator‚ÄĚ ÔľąÔľČ?
I had tried it in windows but failed! It seems that it just supports linux and mac!



Yes, we use it to create custom application. To illustrate, here are few examples I can disclose:

Since Slicer and associated libraries are consistently improved and we use the template regularly, you can consider it is actively maintained.

Excellent works! I agree with you that Slicer and associated libraries are consistently improved, which require frequent maintenance!

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To clarify, if the Slicer version associated with a custom application must be updated, this is usually a one line change that consist in updating the Git SHA in the top-level CMakeLists.txt of the custom application.

Is there any userguide of SlicerCustomAppTemplate which can be referred to?

After following, the Getting Started instructions, you will have a custom application source tree ready.

Then to compile your custom application, follow the regular instructions to Build Slicer Application

Finally, reading the comment of the top-level CMakeLists.txt of the custom application should provide enough details to get started.

Great! I really appreciate your help! Thank you very much!

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