Packaged, distributable custom application with a slicelet

I’d like to create a packaged, distributable application using my slicelet and scripted modules. I’ve looked at the CustomSlicerGenerator, and I know about the work on the SlicerCustomAppTemplate, but with that still in progress, what’s the current procedure to create a custom, packaged application, starting with a slicelet?

So far, I understand that the icons and images that are used when compiling are in the Slicer/Applications/SlicerApp/Resources directory, and the qrc file needs to set the aliases for it, and I have seen the list of CMake variables to add. What I still don’t know is how to invoke a slicelet at startup, when the application has been packaged.

The SlicerCustomAppTemplate already allow to create fully functional Slicer based application.

I am currently working supporting the cast of “you main application is a Slicelet”, I will follow up when I have an update.

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