Is it possible to extract used threshold from segment editor?


I have a simple question. I could not find the answer that’s why I made a new topic.
So I use 3d Slicer to calculate volumes with segment editor. first, I create a new segment and I use a threshold to select the parts I’m interested in, I cut away the rest of the image with the scissors tool. If that’s finished I use the segment statistics to calculate the volume and save the data.

After saving I get the following files:
1 scene.mrml
2 scene.png
3. unamed series.nrrd
4. segmentation.seg.nrrd
5. table.schema.tsv
6. table.tsv

During the procedure, I use a threshold to select the parts of interest. Is It possible to find out what threshold was used?
I opened the files in notepad and tried to find the threshold value but I didn’t found it. I Also reloaded the data and went back to segment editor en clicked on the threshold but on all the data i reloaded it’s giving a threshold of ± 1400. And I know for sure that’s not correct.

Could someone please let me know if it is possible to find this value.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,