Threshold in Segment Editor does not apply Segmentation

Operating system:Win
Slicer version:4.10.2
Expected behavior: Apply threshold segmentation after successful preview
Actual behavior: “Apply” does nothing. segmentation is erased if Module or Tool are switched

I never had problems with this before, I have attached the volume info, although i have successfully segmented and used this same dataset several times with no problems. The only change was installing some extensions… please advise.

Please switch to latest stable release (currently 4.11.20200930) and let us know if you still encounter problems.

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Thank you for responding so quickly.
After writing my question I disabled all extensions and it worked!
Forgive me, I did not isolate which of them caused it.
Anyways I’m glad this problem lead me to sign up here… old happy user :smiley:

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