Is it possible to map a general vescular model to individual CT image for preliminary judgement?

In some clinical applications, some doctors ask me if there is a way to register blood vessels to the actual patient’s head through AR. I don’t know how to do it. Can someone help me with some suggestions?

Yes, this is perfectly doable. If accuracy requirement is about 5-10mm then visual alignment based on skin surface is usually sufficient.

Javier Pascau’s group has recently created a general-purpose AI viewer app for HoloLens2, which may be usable for this. See some more details here (from the Slicer Project Week a few weeks ago): NA-MIC Project Weeks | Website for NA-MIC Project Weeks

thank you @lassoan
this is very useful in emergency situation for young doctor , besides Hololens2 app from Javier Pascau’s group , is there exist any extension use camera or google glass or HoloLens1?