Is there a color bar or color legend available?

I have calculated model to model distance with Model to Model Distance extension, and I want a color bar or color legend. I check this post, but failed to find one.

I would like something like this:

I have to calculate model to model distance with 3DMetricMesh, save the result to vtk file, and import it to paraview to get this rendering. It would be great if I could do all this in Slicer.

Another question, is there any method to capture the 3D view with only the 3D cube? I don’t want the extra white border with Slicer’s capture screenshot.

Did you actually switch to the “DataProbe” module as that post describes? This is different from the Data Probe button that is usually at the bottom of the left side module panel area. In the image shown above you were still in the “Models” module.


See also this post: