Is there a dicombrowser that supports image preview

I saw someone’s dicombrowser or dicom module with image preview on the forum before, but I couldn’t find similar features in the slicer plugin today,Do we have this type of extension?

Well have a new DICOM browser in Slicer with quick thumbnail display within a few months.

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thank you lassoan! This is very worth looking forward to!

Note you can also see a thumbnail in the current preview release by right clicking and picking View Metadata from the menu (the images are shown before sorting but you can see what they look like).

thank you pieper, i can’t find picing view metadata options by right clicking

It’s in a context menu when you right click on an element in the database browser.

thank you pieper ,my right click context is below,but i can’t find images

You have version 5.2.1 there. You need to use a newer version (the latest preview has it, maybe 5.2.2, I don’t recall for sure).

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thank you pieper , i try 5.3