Is there a way to integrate 3D slicer and ROS?


I’m using the pedicle screw simulator to plan pedicle screw trajectories and I was wondering if i was able to use these planned trajectories in 3D Slicer to position an ABB 120 robot to align with these trajectories using ROS and a navigation camera.

I’ve got a phantom spine that I’m currently working with and I was going to use the PedicleScrewSimulator to plan pedicle screw trajectories into this phantom spine. Then I was hoping to use this planning to execute a planning path for a robot, using ROS, to position itself over the spine in these planned trajectories. I’d need to get the positioning of the real-world spine phantom to align with that on the simulator in order to do this, but is there a possibility of this being doable?


That is doable. We developed ROS-IGTL-Bridge ( ), which works as a ROS node to exchange transforms, images, and models with 3D Slicer using OpenIGTLink. We also made a tutorial on image-guided robot-assisted needle placement using ROS-IGTL-Bridge and presented at the ISMR conference last year. You can still download the slides and materials at: