Which files would I need to modify to replace the UR5 robot with my ABB IRB 120 robot?

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I’ve gone through Junichi Tokuda’s tutorial on how to integrate ROS and 3D slicer for planning purposes, but I now want to integrate my own robot model instead of using the model provided in the tutorials. Which ROS files/scripts (or 3D Slicer files/scripts) would I need to modify in order to fully replace the UR5 robot transformations with my own robot transformations? and is there a specific way I have to set up my Linear Transformations for my robot links in 3D slicer in order to get the 3D Slicer and ROS integration fully functional?

Thank you.

You can download the ABB IRB 120 robot model with all transformations set up in Slicer from the link at the end of this post:

There is nothing specific to Slicer in this. You transform between different joint coordinate systems the same way as you do it for the robot’s path planning.

Hi Andras,

Thank you for your response. I’ve downloaded that scene but when I load it up, I dont see the model. I do see the list of imported STL’s in the “model module” however, I just dont see the actual robot in the scene itself.


I’ve just checked again and the .mrb file works well. Make sure you use a recent Slicer Preview Release.


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