Is there any way to somehow hover over an obj in Slicer and see its name

LEt’s assume you are dealing with a huge number of objs and you want to see which one you are currently hovering over with your cursor…

You would have to go and toggle on and off visibility of every single obj file to see that one you are interested in, eventually disappear and appear.
That way you could figure out the name…

Is there any more intuitive way that is easier and faster one?

Thanks in advance

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That’s some thing I would really like too. All the infrastructure is there but nobody’s ever implemented it (at least not since Slicer3). It would be nice to be able to update the data probe as you mouse over models, have hotkeys operate on the currently hovered on, select them in the Data module, bring up context menus, etc. It would be great of someone wanted to take that on.

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