Is this type of.dcm file the correct to do the tutorial 'Segmentation for 3D printing'

Hi to all! This is my first post. Im a 3D designer, i have 2 3D printers and in a few months i’ll be father again. My wife and me went to a clinic to do a 5D ultrasound to see our future baby. I requested the .dcm file but the tecnician gave me the follow file:

As you can see, only the red channel have an image, but this isn´t the same type of image that i see in the tutorial ‘segmentation for 3D printing’. It´s similar a simple .jpg or .png and i can´t see the sequence.
Does the .dcm file have to be saved in some other way? What should I tell the technician to be able to use the .dcm to export to .stl?
Thank you very much, regards