Is this type of.dcm file the correct to do the tutorial 'Segmentation for 3D printing'

Hi to all! This is my first post. Im a 3D designer, i have 2 3D printers and in a few months i’ll be father again. My wife and me went to a clinic to do a 5D ultrasound to see our future baby. I requested the .dcm file but the tecnician gave me the follow file:

As you can see, only the red channel have an image, but this isn´t the same type of image that i see in the tutorial ‘segmentation for 3D printing’. It´s similar a simple .jpg or .png and i can´t see the sequence.
Does the .dcm file have to be saved in some other way? What should I tell the technician to be able to use the .dcm to export to .stl?
Thank you very much, regards

Hi, I am doing a 3D printing job and I have the same question. The only difference is that my 3D model appears in the 3D window, but nothing in the RGB channels. Have you solved this problem? Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance!